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Over the weekend, Emma Watson gave a speech at the United Nations about the need for worldwide gender equality.

The speech went viral and millions were moved by Watson’s words.

Emma Watson UN Speech

Unfortunately, in the case of some of insane 4Chan users, they were moved to violent hatred.

4Chan, as you may know, is the site where the now-infamous nude photos of Jennifer Lawrence and dozens of other female celebrities were first leaked. 

Watson spoke out about the leak when it first happened, and has since been the subject of a disturbing amount of attention from angry young men on the site’s message boards.

After her speech, the focus on Watson went from unsettling to genuinely scary, as users have begun gleefully counting down the days until nude photos of Watson will supposedly be posted to the site this weekend.


A site called Emma You Are Next features nothing but a photo of Watson and clock ticking down the seconds until midnight on Friday.

Worse, comment boards related to Watson feature some truly upsetting threats of violence. Some users are even trying to get #RIPEmmaWatson trending on Twitter and have begun posting Photoshopped headlines with news of the actress’ death.

The whole thing serves as a sad reminder that the hackers behind the photo leak need to be caught for reasons other than the fact that they might do it again. Some of them could be genuinely dangerous – and we’ve seen what they’re capable of.