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Ashley Tisdale was recently given a reason to be happy in her personal life:

The singer married Christopher French just a few weeks ago.

Now, meanwhile, the former High School Musical star also has a reason to be elated in her professional life: ABC Family has renewed Young & Hungry for season two, as Tisdale serves as an executive producer on this series.

“Aaaaaahhhhh!!! @abcfamily picked up @youngandhungryabcf season 2!!! I am so excited… so proud of The whole team and cast of this show, truly talented people,” Tisdale wrote on Instagram soon after the news was announced.

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She then went out and celebrate in a semi-unusual manner: by dyeing her hair purple!


Perhaps the new ‘do would be better categorize as “periwinkle,” but either way… it’s quite a drastic change for the actress/singer.

But change has been a theme for Tisdale over the past few weeks, so why not keep that motif going when it comes to her hairstyle, right?

Take a look at the Ashley Tisdale wedding dress to gauge the star’s fashion taste and then compare Ashley’s fresh locks with some other recent, radical, famous changes.

What do you think of these hairdos?