Anna Kendrick Nude Photos: Definitely NOT Coming Soon!

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They're everywhere on the Internet at the moment:

There's a picture of Jennifer Lawrence nude! And, over there, it's a shot of Kaley Cuoco nude! And, yup, there it is... an image of Kate Upton with no clothing on!

A hacker has infiltrated the computers and cell phones of various celebrities, revealing them at their most intimate (read: naked) and rightfully incurring the wrath of everyone from Oscar winners to reality stars.

But there's one actress whose birthday suit you will NOT be seeing amidst this deluge of deliciousness - and that's Anna Kendrick.

Just check out this hilarious exchange the Pitch Perfect beauty had with her brother soon after these X-rated images started to go viral:

Anna Kendrick Tweet

HA! We love it.

We mean... we'd love to see Anna Kendrick nude, don't get us wrong.

But there's plenty of nudity on the World Wide Web at the moment.

There's also plenty of sad stories (ISIS, Ferguson, the end of True Blood), so we'll take humor wherever we can find it.

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