Adrianne Curry: If My Son Beat Women, I'd KILL That S--t Pile (or Myself)

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Adrianne Curry, the first-ever America's Next Top Model winner, is making headlines after speaking out against domestic violence on Twitter ... aggressively.

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She's always been one to speak her mind, and post the occasional revealing selfie, but beyond that? A pretty laid back and cool chick. Or so we thought.

Curry recently weighed in on the domestic violence epidemic, publicized by the video of Ray Rice and Janay Palmer among other high profile events.

Her take on it is ... pretty intense.

"If I raised a son who beat women," she mused, "I'd take him out of the world (I brought him in!) Or slit my wrists in shame for having raised a s--t pile."

Well. Okay then.

Obviously, being disappointed in having a son who abused women is understandable. Saying she would kill a man for hitting someone, though?

Perhaps this hypothetical situation has no good response, but the positive spin we can put on it is that Curry does not tolerate domestic abuse, ever.

Her actions speak to this too. Allow us to explain ...

Curry, who was married to former Brady Bunch star Christopher Knight for six years but is openly bisexual, is a big Star Wars fan who says she enjoys costly.

In her free time, she has been known to read the A Song of Ice and Fire novels, watch Game of Thrones online and play World of Warcraft. Turned on yet, nerds?

At Comic-Con this year, Curry (who was dressed as Catwoman) witnessed a sexual assault and joined others in defending the victim and counter-attacking the assailant.

In doing so, she hit him with her bullwhip and drove him away.

Seriously. Not a woman you want to mess with right here. On an unrelated note, can someone get Curry a part on Game of Thrones next season?!

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