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When it comes to Hollywood rumors about celebrity behavior, many of them are just plain lies. But when you start to hear the same rumor over and over and over?

Well, maybe there’s actually some truth to it.

So let’s tackle the rumors about actors everyone hates to work with. Some of these stories are so bad it’s surprising these stars can find work at all.

Katherine Heigl‘s fall from grace was well-documented. In rant after rant, she attacked both her costars and the writers of Grey’s Anatomy, making her Public Celebrity #1. 

After disappearing from the limelight, Heigl is returning to television this fall on NBC’s State of Affairs. She seems to have matured while spending time with her kids.

Here’s hoping she doesn’t devolve into her Diva-like ways, but we’re not holding our breath. Either way, Katie is far from alone in the diva department …

Director James Cameron is another Hollywood A-lister who has earned a reputation for being difficult, even if it’s become less of a media narrative.

However, he keeps creating award-winning films, so the critical acclaim must be enough to convince stars to overcome his many criticisms while on set.

And speaking of criticisms – racist, profanity-laden insults, really -no list of stars everyone hates to work with would be complete without a mention of Mel Gibson.

Oh, man. Good ol’ Mel. His penchant for being difficult with absolutely everyone is not to be outdone. Except, perhaps, by the Warlock himself, Charlie Sheen.