15 Best Nude Scenes in Movie History: Ogle These Actresses Guilt-Free!

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As a human being with eyes, and/or ears, and access to the Internet, you've probably heard that nude photos of Jennifer Lawrence and several other A-list actresses were leaked online this week.

When the first semi-clothed pic appeared, it seemed like a bit of relatively harmless - albeit slightly pervy - fun. But as more shots of more actresses in less clothing hit the Web, we realized this was a gross invasion of privacy on a scale that we'd never seen before.

Yes, for a time, this a-hole hacker ruined the fun of ogling scantily clad celebrities. Well, we're taking the power back.

There are plenty of actresses who willingly strip down in front of cameras, so we'll stick to pitching tents over their photos, thank you very much:

In the gallery above, you'll find 15 of the most iconic female nude scenes in TV and film history according to nakedness aggregator site, Mr. Skin. There's even a music video in the mix.

So take a stand for online privacy by scoping out the consensually bared boobies in our slideshow. It's the patriotic thing to do.

And when you're done there, feel free to check out Kim Kardashian nude in the gallery below. She's taken the pre-emptive strike approach by showing us her naked body from every angle, thus making it pointless for any hacker to break into her phone. 

We imagine she's also plastered her credit card numbers on billboards all over LA.

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