Kim Kardashian & Reggie Bush: Exchanging Flirty Texts While She Was Dating 'Ye?!

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So there was a big celebrity photo hacking scandal in Hollywood recently. Lots of stars' naked pictures were posted online. Maybe you heard about it.

While much of the attention (understandably) has focused on Kate Upton and Jennifer Lawrence nude photos, some facets of the story have been overlooked.

Like this one: According to a new tabloid report, Kim Kardashian's iCloud may have been targeted and compromised, revealing a treasure trove of material.

Two Boobs in Paris
Former, Sexy Couple

Not of the Kim Kardashian sex tape or nude pic variety, either. Apparently, her phone contains "proof" that she was sending flirty texts to her ex Reggie Bush.

While she was with now-husband Kanye West. Who would not be happy.

That's not all, either. Says a source: "It can also expose their out-of-control spending habits and how they aren’t actually worth as much as you would think."

"Kim’s career could be ruined by what’s on her cloud."

Uhhh. Say what now?! You're reaching here, Source.

Not sure any figure purported to be Kim's net work could in any way "ruin" her career, nor would seeing any naked or topless photos of the reality star.

Did you see this week's Kim Kardashian nude spread?!

If not, follow that link for the smoldering and quite NSFW GQ pics. But point being: Kim poses like this all the time, people, and for public consumption!

Nothing on her phone could shock us at this point. But sexy texts to Reggie Bush, who is also married with a daughter, might not go over well with 'Ye.

Yeezus reported hates Bush anyway, for what it's worth.

The main caveat here is that In Touch is reporting this alleged scandal, and that gossip source doesn't have a reputation for being ... what's the word ...

Oh, right. ACCURATE.

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