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Recently, we learned that Sarah Palin is close to joining The View. Naturally, Whoopi Goldberg and Rosie O’Donnell have responded to this news in the only logical fashion:

They’re desperately auditioning other options and getting really, really pissed off all the time.

Yesterday, for example, the cast sat down with conservative pundit and sexy teacher from an ’80s music video, S.E. Cupp.

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Cupp fills that “hot right winger” role that Republicans were hoping Palin would take on, until they realized she’s both not that hot, and not smart enough to represent their party…or any party, for that matter.

You wouldn’t even want her advertising your kegger.

Anyway, S.E. is guest hosting The View this week, and she did some un-televised trial runs to see how well she fit with the rest of the cast, and the answer is not well.

So not well, in fact, that she somehow caused Whoopi to go off on Barbara Walters:


The topic of abortion came up and Cupp reportedly said that she thinks it’s become too easy to terminate a pregnancy.

Then, according to an audience member, “Rosie and Whoopi ganged up on S.E.” and began interrogating her with questions about her age and whether she’s “ever had to make a decision” about abortion before. 

Producers quickly realized that things were getting inappropriately personal and tried to cut, but it was too late.

“Rosie told S.E., ‘I will not let this turn into another Elisabeth Hasselbeck situation.'” says a source.

The really shocking part, however, is that Goldberg was heard to remark: “I’ve been working a cranky 85-year-old woman and I need a break!” apparently in reference to her former boss, Barbara Walters.

Yeesh. Maybe producers should fire everyone and just let Meghan McCain and Leah Remini host the show themselves.