Star Wars Episode VII Villains Revealed: Who Are The Inquisitors?!

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Earlier today we showed you the redesigned Stormtrooper helmets that will reportedly be featured in Star Wars Episode VII.

Well, if you think that was a big deal, get ready to squeal like a frightened Wookie, because new information leaked online today might include the most revealing Episode VII details yet:  

Several websites claim to have reliable inside information about the villains who will be featured in J.J. Abrams newest installment of the iconic sci-fi franchise.

Hardcore Star Wars fans may remember the Inquisitor from the popular animated series Star Wars: Rebels.

Star Wars: Inquisitor

While the Inquisitor above won't be the one featured in Episode VII, sources say the class of Jedi-hunting Sith allies to which he belongs will serve as the film's primary baddies.

Insiders also say that when the film begins, Luke Skywalker has spent the last 30 years leading an isolated existence and obsessively battling the Inquisitors.

According to earlier leaked Episode VII plot details (possible plot spoilers ahead) Luke is reunited with Han Solo and Chewbacca when they discover his old lightsaber on a desert planet and hunt him down to return it.

Han is rumored to be the film's primary protagonist, so Harrison Ford's on-set injury could cause major production delays. 

We'll keep you posted as more plot details emerge.

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