National Dog Day: 11 Ways Canines Will Turn You Into a Liar

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Happy National Dog Day, readers and pet lovers around the world!

We know, we know: in countless households, everyday is National Dog Day.

But today is actually deemed the official occasion around the Internet, and we're not about to argue.

Instead, in honor of the holiday, we're about to break some sad news: you're going to be turned into a huge liar.

It won't be your fault. You'll likely have noble intentions. But you're also gonna make a number of promises to yourself and/or your loved one about owning a dog and caring for a dog and, God forbid, owning TWO dogs and we're just her to tell you...

... you'll lose each and every one of these arguments.

Why? Because dogs are just that cute and lovable!!!!!

So celebrate National Dog Day by learning ahead of time what vows you'll soon be going back on:

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