Mel Gibson: Coked Up at The Expendables 3 Premiere?

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Mel Gibson has had his share of problems in the which we mean he's engaged in pretty much every kind of bad behavior imaginable, yet somehow still has a career in Hollywood.

Mel defied expectations and proved that his deal with the Devil is ironclad in recent months by first getting his latest assault conviction expunged from his record and then getting completely jacked to film The Expendables 3.

An interview that he gave at the movie's premiere, however, may give us some insight into how Mad Mel managed to drop the pounds so quickly:

The clip above features stars of the film commenting on the death of Robin Williams.

Mel's portion begins at the 0:09 mark and it should probably be shown in high school health classes to help kids recognize the signs that someone is coked out of their gourd.

Naturally, we have no proof that Mel is actually on coke in the video, but anyone who's ever been cornered by a tooth-grinding tweaker at a party knows that the tell-tale signs are all there.

As though it's not enough that Mel is talking a mile a minute and attempting to look nonchalant while wiping his nose, he's also got a cheesy gold chain tangled up in his chest hair, which is a key component of the international cokehead uniform.

We won't delve into the fact that Gibson's commenting on the death of a man who struggled with addiction issues throughout his life, because, well...that's a bummer and it's more fun to just make fun of Mel being Mel.

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