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Her feud with Azealia Banks is just heating up, but now it seems Nicki Minaj will have to fight a war on two fronts, as one of her oldest beefs has officially been rekindled.

Lil Kim has been taking shots at Nicki for years, but a song the former Biggie protege released today might be her angriest diss track to date.

The track is titled "Identity Theft" and, well, we thing the cover art says it all:

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Yes, that’s Kim’s driver’s license (with a fake address and five years shaved off her age) with Nicki’s photo on it. 

We’re no experts on subtle imagery, but we’re pretty sure it’s Kim’s way of saying Nicki copied her style.


The lyrics, of course, include plentiful death threats, along with lines like, "Anything you try to do, I done did it…I gave birth to your style." 

Nicki has yet to respond to allegations that she’s a Kim biter, but we’d imagine she’s in the studio recording a rebuttal as we speak.

But don’t be surprised if it takes Nicki a while to finish the response track. Between Azealia Banks, Lil Kim – oh, and her feud with Iggy Azalea – Ms. Minaj has a lot of beef on her plate these days.