LeAnn Rimes Ruins Ice Bucket Challenge, Generally Sorta Sucks

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So there's this thing going around the Internet called the Ice Bucket Challenge. You may be familiar with if you're a human who lives on the planet and has ears and/or eyes.

LeAnn Rimes was a little late to the party and jumped on board with the trend yesterday. LeAnn loves attention, but she's some pretty stiff competition as far as the challenge goes:

Kate Upton doused herself earlier the same day, and it was just as glorious as you would expect. But even that couldn't compare to Dan Bilzerian's Ice Bucket Challenge video that featured cameos from random goats and a bunch of bikini-clad women.

LeAnn tried her best and assured us that she did make good on the donating to ALS part (a lot of people seem to be forgetting that part), but naturally she had to LeAnn it up and subtly make the whole thing all about her:

First, there's the pickup truck and the rural setting. LeAnn's lived most of her life in LA, but now that she's attempting to re-launch her singing career she's suddenly country as cornbread? Hilarious.

Next, there's the choice of attire. Given the number of LeAnn Rimes bikini photos we've seen, we're surprised she's as covered up as she is, but even so...if there are little kids around and you know you're gonna be soaking yourself in ice water, maybe put on a proper shirt, eh?

Speaking of kids, LeAnn naturally had to involve Brandi Glanville's children as a subtle eff-you to her lifelong romantic rival.

We're constantly told that Eddie Cibrian is the model of physical perfection (a "gay man's wet dream" as LeAnn weirdly describes him), and yet he needs help from his sons to tip over a bucket of water?

Chalk it up as another fail for LeAnn. At least in this case, some cash went to a good cause.

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