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Jessica Simpson is putting her absolutely insane physique on full display for her fans, clearly proud of how hard she’s worked to obtain that hard body.

This photo posted to her Instagram account over the weekend pretty much speaks for itself, and we’re not talking about the beautiful late-day lighting:

The bathing suit picture appears to have been taken at a bridal shower for the star’s younger sister, Ashlee Simpson, who’s engaged to Evan Ross.

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Way to subtly steal your sibling’s thunder there, Jessica.

Those legs are looking full-on ridiculous these days, and the mother-of-two’s cleavage needs no introduction at this point … but still, DAMN girl!

“Oh yea girl… We are proud to be in our bathing suits!!” Simpson, 34, wrote of herself and a bikini-clad buddy. “#hardworkpaysoff “#workoutpartnersforlife.”

Hopefully we’ll be seeing #swimsuitpicslikethisforlife.


Ever since Eric Johnson married Jessica Simpson earlier this summer, she’s been showcasing just how lucky a man Mr. Johnson is on social media.

Her figure rivals that of her appearance in 2005’s The Dukes of Hazzard, and is even more impressive given that she’s a decade older and had two kids.

Respect. And appreciation. To wit …