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Last night on Bravo’s Jersey Belle Season 1 Episode 4, Jaime yearned for another baby, while Danielle was trying to conceive her own and undergoing surgery.

It looks as if Jamie’s willing and ready to adopt, but is waiting for Michael’s blessing, as she talks to Danielle about a pregnant woman she met in NOLA.

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The woman, who is pregnant, says she wants to give the baby up for adoption and had been praying for someone like Jaime to come into her life.

Jaime still has to talk to Michael, however. Later, during a girls’ night, the women talk about Jaime’s plan, which she makes them stay tight lipped about.

There is also a great line about how he lied about playing golf and as a result, there was one HOLE he didn’t see for quite some time. Well. Played.

Later on Jersey Belle Season 1 Episode 4, Jaime talks to her Jersey friends for advice on how to tell Michael about the baby. You can see the theme here.


She tells J, the New Orleans mom, that she will always be there for her no matter what happens with Michael. Her friends, meanwhile, are skeptical.

Meanwhile, Luci and Haley go out with a guy who talks about his grandma doing his laundry. That’s pretty much in the dictionary under the term red flag.

Luci still thinks it is a bad idea for Jamie to adopt a fourth baby, but Jaime disagrees (obviously). At the big bonfire, Arden brings up the topic of babies.

That’s when Jaime realizes she needs to say something, and not a moment too soon. Michael is surprised, but we’re not sure if it’s in a good way or bad.

Tune in next week to find out! In the meantime, follow the above link to watch Jersey Belle online at TV Fanatic. Catch up on past episodes too!