Jerry Jones: Racy Photos Surface in Alleged Extortion Plot Against Cowboys Owner

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Racy photographs of Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones in suggestive poses with young women hit the web this week as part of an apparent extortion plot.

Jones, 72, has been married to his wife Gene for 51 years.

One image shows Jerry cupping the breasts of a blond woman in a restroom. Another shows a brunette, in the same restroom, kneeling with her cheek up against his crotch.

A Twitter user by the name INFIN8SON posted the pics with the caption, “Sins of Jerry Jones.” Sports and celebrity gossip site Terez Owens first shared them.

It's not clear when they were taken, who the classy ladies are, whether Jones' wife knows about this, or how in the hell he allowed photos to be taken.

Deadspin identified the source as Dallas Cowboys and Mavericks groupie Frank Hoover, who claims he got the pics from others who wanted to extort Jones.

Hoover bizarrely claims he had to move from Dallas to Wichita, Kansas, because unknown forces were out to kill him over his knowledge about Jones.

“So I gave my own life to save yours,” he writes, adding that as the “Son of God,” he was put on Earth to save Jones from danger (even if it means outing him).

Good luck with that, SOG.

“I know this because I am the Son of God and he sent me to you. Jerry, possession giving the rest away to charity and then living poor,” Hoover added.

No word on whether the Son of God can do something about three straight 8-8 campaigns and zero playoff wins since 1997 (!) for the underachieving NFL team.

That's the real sin here.