Internet Hero Edits Tone-Deaf Rape Poster, Takes National Health Service to Task

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Sometimes, geniuses on the Internet use their creativity to parody Frozen.

Other times, they edit a tone-deaf rape poster that implies (strongly) that rape can sometimes be blamed on the victim.

Such was the recent case when the National Health Service released the following promotional tool, which is meant to warn women against heavy drinking - but which carries with it another message as well:

Being drunk may cause you to get raped!

NHS Rape Poster

Fortunately, Twitter user @neverjessie knows how to use Photoshop.

And this individual revised the poster to state the only thing that should be said about rape:

It happens, in every case, solely due to the actions of the perpetrator. And, as Stephen A. Smith also needs to learn, never through a fault of the victim.

Edited Rape Poster

A job well done, no?

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