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Celebrities aren’t the only ones to practice random acts of kindness.

Earlier this month, Keith Kiel was walking down the aisle of a Florida Publix when he came across an employee named Gage Boucher and an older gentleman doing some shopping.

Kiel thought it was “neat” that Boucher had bent down to tie this stranger’s shoe and so he snapped a picture of the act and put it on Facebook.

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“I figured people would resonate with this,” Kiel told Good Morning America, adding that he hoped the image would garner 100 Likes.

He was mistaken, however: since going live on August 9, the picture has received 200,000 Likes and been shared over 15,000 times.


“I saw him struggling to tie his shoe, so of course I offered to help him out,” said Boucher, 20. “Stuff like this happens every day and people don’t get recognized for it. This one just happened to get recognized.”

So did the time a Pizza Hut employee penned a heartwarming note a a struggling mother.

It’s always nice to be reminded there are people like this out there, isn’t it?