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Hey, have you heard about this Ice Bucket Challenge thing? Unless this is literally the first time in the past two weeks that you’ve used a device that can connect to the Internet, then of course you have.

It’s everywhere these days, and while it may be annoying that the online world is suddenly filled with screaming wet people (and not in a good way), the trend has raised millions for ALS research. And it gave us Kate Upton in a wet t-shirt.

While dozens of celebrities have been on board from the start, today was a big day for cold water enthusiasts as the IBC finally went presidential!

No, Barack Obama didn’t accept Justin Bieber’s challenge (The POTUS doesn’t take orders from Canadians, y’all!) but George W. Bush took up the mantle and made us realize how much Dubya has in common with the Ice Bucket Challenge itself:

George W. Bush: Ice Bucket Challenge

They’re both occasionally dumb, undeniably funny, and likely to make you wonder WTH your fellow Americans are thinking.

We kid GWB, of course! It was cool of him to do this and even cooler to nominate fellow ex-Pres Bill Clinton.


Bush even managed to put a clever spin on a trend that literally millions of people have tried to put clever spins on.

Of course, he wouldn’t be Dubya if there wasn’t a gaffe involved. Last we checked, Rory McIlroy is not an American, George, but at least your heart was in the right place.

Bush has been receiving a lot of attention for the oil paintings he’s made since retiring from politics. It’s nice to finally see some recognition for his…watercolors. (I’ll show myself out.)