Chris Pratt Gives a Tour of His Guardians of the Galaxy Ship, MTV Cribs-Style!

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With insane box office and glowing reviews, Guardians of the Galaxy is shaping up to be the movie of the summer.

So there's really no need for Chris Pratt to continue promoting the film that's made him an A-list Star-Lord. But even so, Chris keeps dropping viral gems all over the Internet. 

Yesterday, Pratt showed off his rap skills with an amazing Eminem impression. Today, he gives us a tour of Peter Quill's awesomely futuristic/retro ship, the Milano.

The ship name and the old school tape deck aren't the only things that might gave you a flashback here.

If you're of a certain age, the impeccable homage to MTV Cribs will bring you back to a time when C-list pop stars showed you "where the magic happens" every week.

Yes, Chris' mastery of the douchey Cribs narration style is almost as impressive as his Guardians body transformation.

GOTG is still in theaters, and we already can't wait for a sequel - if only so that we can see Chris make the media rounds again.

Another Howard the Duck cameo would be nice, too.

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