Candace Cameron Bure and Andrea Barber on Full House: OUR Kids Love It!

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Candace Cameron Bure and Andrea Barber both starred on Full House when they were kids, and delighted millions of young fans on the family friendly sitcom.

Now 38 years old, both women say the bond they shared on the show kept them close, and that becoming parents themselves made them even closer.

"I think we value friendships ... I can't look at any other show and see the casts that are still hanging out and are still as tight as we are," Bure tells Us.

"I think being moms has really brought us closer together."

The Dancing With the Stars alum, who played D.J. Tanner through the entire eight-season run of Full House, has three kids now with husband Valeri Bure.

Candace is mom to Natasha, 16, Lev, 14, and Maksim, 12. Barber, who played D.J.'s BFF Kimmy Gibbler, is mom to Tate, 10, and Felicity, 7, with husband Jeremy Rytky.

Their kiddos love Full House as much as you, they say!

"My kids are ... at the height of Full House fandom," Barber said of her youngsters. "My daughter was so excited to come and to 'meet' Candace."

"I was like 'you've already met Candace!' But this was the first time she's seen Candace since she became a fan of the show."

Candace's kids have a certain fondness for the sitcom, too.

When son Maks first started middle school, he had a hard time making friends. "Then one day he came in the car and I said, 'How was your day today?'" Bure recalls.

"And he was like, 'It was great ... everybody found out you're my mom, and you were D.J. on Full House, and now everybody wants to be my friend!'"

These aren't the only two '90s stars who have remained close.

Recently, former Step by Step star Christine Lakin and Jodie Sweetin (Stephanie Tanner of Full House) posed for an epic selfie that went viral online.

Everywhere you look ... there's a fond memory of the beloved TGIF lineup. Check out THG's gallery below for a look at the Full House cast then and now!

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