Michael Egan, Bryan Singer Accuser Files Three More Sexual Assault Lawsuits

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After accusing Bryan Singer of sexual molestation, Michael Egan went on to detail similar assaults by other Hollywood executives. Egan is now filing suit against those men, just as he has against Singer.

Egan has revealed more details about the "numerous rapes" by Hollywood moguls that he allegedly endured while still a teenager.

The accused have been identified as Garth Ancier, David Neuman and Gary Goddard, all of them well-known producers.

Egan claims that Ancier sexually assaulted him numerous times at his Encino estate. His suits against Neuman and Goddard allege that both men are part of an underground Hollywood sex ring that preys on teenage boys. 

Egan told reporters at an earlier press conference that 3-4 more suits would follow in the wake of the Singer accusation.

During his most recent press event, Egan was joined by his mother who sobbed uncontrollably when trying to explain why she allowed her young son to go on trips with older men.

Mrs. Egan stated that her son's lawsuits are "not about money," but are instead "about disarming these pedophiles."

TMZ reports that Egan attempted to take legal action years earlier, but had difficulty doing so due to the wealth and fame of the accused.

We'll have more details on this alarming story as it continues to develop. 

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