Bryan Cranston & Aaron Paul Reunite For Hilarious "Reality Show," Barely Legal Pawn!

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If last fall's Breaking Bad finale left you fiending for more Walter White and Jesse Pinkman, then today's your lucky day, b-tch!

Well kinda. Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul are working together again, but sadly, they're no longer filling the streets of Albuquerque with that sweet blue crystal.

Instead, they're attempting to buy Julia Louis-Dreyfus' Emmy so that she can make good on a drunken promise to buy an island, which is the next best thing when you think about it.

Look it'll all make sense when you watch the clip:

Sure, "Barely Legal Pawn" is a little lighter in tone than BB, but it features a lot of the elements that helped make the AMC series a classic:

The chemistry between Cranston and his co-stars, a shocking twist ending, and yes...Paul uttering his favorite expletive.

But, of course, if the clip still didn't satisfy your jones, you can always watch Breaking Bad online at TV Fanatic.

And hey, while you're there check out full episodes of Veep starring Julia Louis-Dreyfus.

Call us Heisenberg and Captain Cook, 'cause got what you need, b-tch!

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