Baby Tries Solid Food for First Time, Can't Stop Smiling

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For the record, babies do not like eating lemons.

But it's now official: they very much like eating sweet potato!

That fact at least holds true for the following young child, a toddler named Nolan whose parents recently fed him solid food for the first time and recorded his adorable reaction on camera.

Think Nolan is happy to be done with formula and/or breast milk? You tell us!

Who knew a male would be so excited to be be far away from a boob, huh?

While we're talking kids, we must re-share the amazing video of a girl breaking down upon realizing that her baby brother will one day grow up.

Watch her cry cute, heartwarming tears by clicking on the above link and then toggle through the following video gallery for more examples of kids being so very, very adorably awesome:

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