Angelina Jolie-Brad Pitt Wedding: Jon Voight Throws Shade, George Clooney Offers Congrats!

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After ten years and six kids together, Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt got married over the weekend in a low-key ceremony in France.

The union was a long time coming, with Pitt and Jolie announcing their engagement over two years ago.

Needless, to say few were shocked that they got hitched, but many were surprised the A-list couple was able to keep the nuptials a secret.

Naturally, in order to keep things under wraps, Brad and Angie had to involve as few people as possible, and some key figures in their lives - such as Angelina's dad and Brad's best friend - didn't make the guest list:

George Clooney, apparently, didn't mind not being invited. Clooney's planning his own secret wedding, and likely understands the necessity of keeping things on the down-low.

He issued a statement to People magazine reading, "How great is that? I'm really happy for Brad and Angie and their whole family."

Angie's dad Jon Voight, on the other hand, was somewhat less thrilled.

Informed of the wedding by Inside Edition, Voight replied only, "That's nice."

Harsh. No wonder the relationship between Jolie and Voight has been notoriously rocky over the years. We're sure Jon wasn't missed on the big day.

Relive the whole Brangelina love story in the gallery below:

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