Andi Dorfman: Flirting With Aaron Murray Before Meeting Josh Murray?!

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Despite the fact that they both hail from Atlanta, Andi Dorfman and Josh Murray didn't have any contact prior to The Bachelorette. His brother, though?

It appears Andi did connect with one member of the good-looking Murray family prior to the show, albeit only over Twitter. Allow us to explain ...

In an interview with Atlanta’s Jezebel magazine, Andi was asked if she and Josh, the baseball player turned financial services professional, ever crossed paths.

Andi Dorfman is on the Beach

“A lot of people have thought that maybe we knew each other, but I had never met him before,” the attorney explained, but there was a connection of sorts.

Aaron Murray, however, followed Andi and gave her some Twitter love after her stint on The Bachelor, which made her day - and her father's.

"I remember his brother tweeting something at me, and I made one comment being like, ‘Oh, my dad’s dream has come true, Georgia football!’” Andi detailed.

“Obviously my dad is a UGA fan and [Josh's] brother played at Georgia," Andi Dorfman recalls, so that was awesome and all ... but didn't involve Josh.

Sorry, Nick Viall ... but was this romance fated to be or what?

Aaron Murray didn't just play football at Georgia (Josh Murray did too, for a stint), he arguably was the best quarterback in school history and was drafted into the NFL.

Even that's not enough to impress Andi, an LSU graduate.

“I’m a [Louisiana State University] Tiger through and through, so, to me, a Georgia Bulldog is just a rival," she said, while adding that she loves the sport.

“[On the show], it looked like I didn’t want to be in a football family, but I totally do! I love football; I’m an SEC girl; I grew up with football every Saturday."

"I can’t wait to go to some [Kansas City] Chiefs games. I’ve never had a little brother or little sister, so now I get that, which is exciting for me.”

We're sure it is ... and we love imagining Andi on one side of the room with her dad and Josh on the other in their rival school jerseys when LSU plays Georgia.

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