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Adrienne Bailon is keeping up with the Kardashians’ comebacks.

The singer started a feud with reality TV’s first family when she opened up to Latina magazine about how her association with them from 2007-2009 "hurt" her career and how Rob Kardashian cheated on her a lot.

Kim quickly responded to the insults by saying Bailon is only famous because she dated Rob and by telling Bailon to let it go.

Kardashians Take on Adrienne Bailon

Since then, Khloe has also spoken out against Adrienne ("Don’t kick my brother while he’s down.") and so has Rob ("Eff Dat B-tch!").

What does Bailon have to say about the uproar her interview created?


"Fame and career are two different things. I’ve always had a career. I have been working hard since I was 15 years old," she wrote on Instagram. "Being someone’s ‘girlfriend’ was never what I wanted to be famous for."

She then goes on to make a clear reference to the Kim Kardashian sex tape.

"What makes you ‘famous’ isn’t always what you want to be ‘labeled’ as, or known for. If anyone should understand that…It should be you," Bailon said, without actually naming Kim by name.

But there aren’t many other ways to interpret those words.

Bailon concluded her Instagram message with a positive outlook on her relationship with Rob, which lasted from for about two years.

"I also stated in the article that none of this would have stopped me from being in love and being in that relationship. I just would have gone about it differently," she wrote. "You can love someone just as much in private. We all learn from our first loves."