15 Crazy-Eyed Ramona Singer Photos: Be Very Afraid!

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Ramona, Ramona, Ramona. As Real Housewives go, one name is sufficient for the true standouts, and this New York City denizen certainly qualifies.

Drama is never more than a glass of wine away when she's involved ... in anything or nothing. She does not discriminate when it comes to throwing down.

Some members of the Bravo franchise may make more news with their actions, but no one brings the crazy eyes to an argument quite like Ramona Singer.

This is a common occurrence, even in benign-seeming circumstances. We can only imagine what her face looked like when she caught Mario cheating again.

Scroll through the gallery of 15 wild-eyed Ramona pictures below:

Is she that much of a character? Or just playing one on TV?

We can't answer that, given the scripted nature of all "reality" programs and the way in which they're edited, but there's no doubt she keeps things interesting.

Whether you're a devoted viewer or merely read about or watch The Real Housewives of New York City online here and there, you can appreciate that.

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