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Once upon a time, seeing a female celebrity without makeup was like spotting a unicorn.

It just didn’t happen. And when it did, it was a complete accident and the star went into hiding until said event was no longer in the tabloids.

This was, of course, pre-Google Images and to a lesser degree, celebrity gossip sites.

Then Instagram came along and stars took matters into their own hands. Instead of having paparazzi leak pictures of them looking like regular people, they’d just share them for free.

Suddenly celebrities without makeup became a thing we celebrated, as Hollywood’s hottest and most successful women decided to say "hey, we’re just like you when we wake up." 


But we thought it would be interesting to do a side-by-side comparison of some stars with and without makeup just to see how much that magical miracle makeup made a difference.

The results are, in some cases, quite apparent. (In addition to being really freaking talented, some stars were also blessed with amazing skin. We hate them. And love them. But hate them.)

Browse through the 29 stars with and without makeup above and tell us which you prefer, and for more celebrities without makeup photos, check out this gallery too…