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In just a few months, Zoe Saldana will be naked in order to give birth to twins.

But prior to announcing that she and husband Marco Perego are expecting their first kids, the Avatar actress donned her birthday suit and posed for Women’s Health UK.

As part of the publications inaugural Body for Life campaign, Saldana opens up about having her one body image insecurities, no matter how hot she may look in the magazine’s pages.

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“My body is less toned. I do look in the mirror and see things I don’t want,” Zoe admits. “My first reaction is I breathe and I think, ‘I’m a woman. I’m 36. My body is changing.”


Saldana also realized that no woman on earth will ever be “completely happy” with how she looks, which is liberating in a way.

“At the end of the day it’s like, ‘F–k it. Just be happy, regardless,'” she says.

Saldana has posed naked in a national magazine before, of course.

She stripped down for Allure last year and made the comment that she’s so “androgynous,” it wouldn’t surprise her if she ended up with a woman.

That didn’t happen of course – and the star now sounds very happy to be with Perego.

“We give each other a great deal of support and love,” she says. “But it wasn’t because we found it in each other. We came that way and then got together. That’s what I love about it.”