Tim McGraw on Fan Slap: No One Feels Good About That

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Tim McGraw is addressing the infamous video of him slapping a fan in the face, saying no one feels good about what happened during the incident.

Especially the woman McGraw hit in the face, we're guessing.

The country singer is speaking out about why he hit a fan in the face during a concert after she ripped his jeans a week ago Sunday in Atlanta.

McGraw told ET Canada the whole thing "happened in a split second" and "it was pure instinctive reaction ... I think you just got to move on."

"Nobody feels good about it," the 47-year-old star added of the concert hullabaloo, but at the same time, "there's nothing that could be done about it."

As far as the legal system is concerned, local police say the slap was justified, and won't investigate McGraw unless someone files a complaint.

As of this report, no incident report or complaint has been filed.

The incident became a story in part because McGraw, who was glad-handing the crowd, appeared to shake the woman's hand off his pants first.

The slap takes place after a brief hesitation. Take a look.

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