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Like most movie fans, we here at THG love Leonardo DiCaprio. 

How can you not? He’s an incredible talent with an amazing body of work; by all accounts he’s a super nice guy, and he’s even been known to snub the Kardashians.

He’s basically Superman without all the snooty moralizing and we don’t even begrudge him the endless string of supermodels that he bangsand dumps dates. 

All that being said, we’ve gotta call Leo out for slowly morphing into some chain-smoking, pony-tailed doppelganger of George R.R. Martin:

Leonardo DiCaprio at 2017 Oscars
(Getty Images)

Yes, that’s Leo very much earning his horrible new nickname which we won’t even repeat here (Alright: it’s Leolardo DiFlabrio). Who would’ve guessed that a year after filming, Jonah Hill would be the Wolf of Wall Street star we’d want diet tips from?


The added pounds can probably be chalked up to the fact that Leo apparently takes summers off from filming and just travels the world and parties with his boys.

Sounds like a pretty nice life, and thus far he’s been able to get back into fighting form in time to start work again.

Still, we’d like to offer Leo a word of advice: it gets harder and harder to drop the pounds as you get older, dude, and you ain’t the spring chicken you used to be. Ya know, because we’re sure Leo is looking for tips on how to live his life. 

Actually, come to think of it, as long as DiCaprio keeps dancing for the Internet in epic middle-aged white guy fashion, he can let himself go all he wants and still count us as fans.