The Strain Premiere: Too Gross To Be Good?

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FX aired what many consider to be its answer to The Walking Dead last night.

The Strain, a series based on the books of Guillermo del Toro and Chuck Hogan and written by those same authors, centers on a type of vampire that looks nothing like Robert Pattinson.

Instead, this type of vampirism wiggles its way into its host and infects him/her from the inside.

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We started the hour with Regis Air flight 753 approaching JFK, with the flight landing in New York and only four passengers remaining alive.

Enter the CDC, led by epidemiologist Ephraim Goodweather (Corey Stoll).

Also enters a jar with a beating heart inside… and a very thorough eye examination… and some sliced-open skin… and the insides of a corpse… entrails being sucks out of a lab tech by the new vampires.

And this is without any mention of The Master, the show's seriously scary Big Bad.

Was it all too much? Did the gross-out scenes overshadow the actual plot and characters? Or are you totally on board?

Go watch The Strain online via TV Fanatic and grade the premiere now:

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