The Real Housewives of Orange County Season 9 Episode 15 Recap: Everyone vs. Shannon

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Monday night on The Real Housewives of Orange County Season 9 Episode 15, Shannon Beador was once again the cast member on everybody's mind.

Is she just trying to fit in but being ostracized by women trying to take the Beadors down? Or is she quietly meddling and then playing the victim?

As you'll see if you watch The Real Housewives of Orange County online, Heather threw a Valentine’s Day party in this episode, while it's Lizzie's birthday.

Vicki and Brooks couldn't make it to Heather's, while Vicki was the only cast member to show for Lizzie's party after both Shannon and Tamra flaked.

Lizzie says she has a lot of fun with Tamra but Vicki warns her as Lizzie, Christian, Vicki and Brooks actually seem to bond well during their night out.

At least there's one drama-free pair on the show!

Tamra and Heather talk about how the former is hating her own business since she never had a honeymoon and all Eddie does is stress over money.

Heather, meanwhile, laments that she can’t get Terry to take time out for an anniversary trip. The ladies debate taking a trip together, sans guys.

Heather’s party at the St. Regis involves them all discussing Tamra and Vicki’s planned trip to Bali, and all the potential social scenarios that could play out.

Lizzie thinks if Shannon goes too, she'll break down over everything that has happened. Heather now hopes Shannon will go so that they can work it out.

Heather starts in on her tree full of questions that are a little bit dirty, and we learn that Tamra is probably the biggest freak at the table. Not a big surprise.

Tamra Barney and Eddie Judge might be on the rocks, but that was never an issue. Heather is happy to just be hanging out with her friends and laughing.

Shannon meets Tamra, Heather and Vicki together and they invite her on the trip to Bali. She wonders if she’s willingly walking into an ambush.

Heather explains to Shannon that Hindus in Bali believe in cycles and reincarnation and they would like to start a new cycle. Shannon agrees to go.

Smart move to try to bury the hatchet or epic mistake that will blow up in her face? We shall find out next week when The Real Housewives of OC return ...

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