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The ladies got drunk in the woods of Montana on The Real Housewives of New York City – but could they “Bury the Hatchet” somewhere other than each other’s backs?  

We recap Sonja’s boobs, Ramona’s thong, and Carole flashing the squirrels in our +/- review…

Only the Real Housewives consider getting drunk in the woods a good idea. Maybe if they cut back a little they wouldn’t all be so bitchy…or maybe the alcohol is the only thing that makes them tolerable, even to themselves. 

The Kristen and Heather feud continued  and minus 25 because this was boring before it even got started. A whole other hour of it certainly didn’t help. 

Kristen says she was hoping for a drama free trip. Well, she definitely invited the wrong group of women. Of course there was one upside. No Aviva! Plus 50!


Heather was enjoying a little too much of the Montana beer….and wine, and tequila. Maybe that’s what sparked her mocking Kristen.

But Kristen couldn’t let it go and dragged Heather’s husband into this nonsense. We agree with Carole. That was just wrong. Minus 30. Kristen should be a little more worried about her marriage. Let’s face it. Her husband’s a jerk who spends an awful lot of time at the office. 

The favorite pastime of the night seemed to be Kristen bashing and no one took more joy in it than Ramona who would have gladly called a private plane and ditched the whole trip if she hadn’t already pulled that schtick in the Berkshires. 

I bet Kristen would have gladly booked her flight. 

Love that LuAnn called Ramona out for being a “diva brat” and “treating Kristen like crap.” Plus 37.

Ramona obviously failed to read the chapter in LuAnn’s book about being a gracious guest, “I’m the hostess of your trip so you should thank me.” Maybe she needed more Pinot.

But then Ramona and Kristen bonded while bashing Heather’s marriage. Hmm…I wonder what Mario and Josh were up to while their wives were in Montana?

I can understand the glamping (sort of) and the rodeo but what was up with the giant hatchet thrower?!? Only in Montana is that considered normal. 

As soon as the ladies were able to throw sharp objects (thankfully not at one another) things got back to normal. Plus 43.

We heard about Sonja’s lack of underwear (nothing new there), Ramona’s thong (I didn’t need to know that), and Carole started flashing the squirrels. I hope the little fellas weren’t too traumatized.

In the end, the Montana trip might be considered a success, at least for Sonja. She got to ogle the cowboys and watch them throw their meat around. She couldn’t have been happier. 

Episode total = +75! Season total = -522!

So you tell us, who was more out of line, Heather or Kristen?