Teresa Giudice: Pissed at Andy Cohen Over Sentencing Comments!

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Teresa Giudice may be going to jail in the very near future, but instead of keeping her nose clean and figuring out how to best provide for her children in the event that she gets locked up, Teresa has chosen to focus on what's really important:

Biting the hand that feeds her by feuding with her Bravo boss Andy Cohen!

Teresa Giudice: Confused
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Yes, we learned earlier today that Teresa earns an astonishing $700,000 per season from The Real Housewives of New Jersey, and even though her job and the entire Housewives franchise might not exist without Cohen, she's still taking him to task for comments he made on his show recently.

On Tuesday night's Watch What Happens Live, Cohen said of Teresa and her husband: "[They] didn't get out of jail by being on Housewives of New Jersey...They are going to have to do whatever time they do."

Teresa somehow interpreted this as Cohen "joking" about her situation, and sources say she is now refusing to appear on WWHL on Sunday, as originally scheduled.

"She would prefer Andy not make any comments about the sentencing, because she doesn't want to do anything that could affect what the punishment will be," says a friend of Teresa's.

"It's one thing for the legal proceedings to play out on the show, but Andy isn't a lawyer, and shouldn't discuss things he knows nothing about."

We're not lawyers either, but we're pretty sure that nothing Andy Cohen says on TV will result in Teresa receiving more jail time.

So Teresa, instead of lashing out at Andy and accusing Bravo of exploiting you, maybe you should try to make nice so that you'll have a job when you get out of the slammer.

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