Tamra Barney Never Wanted Kids With Eddie Judge, Remains Sexual Freak

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Tamra Barney and Eddie Judge have been mulling the possibility of parenthood on The Real Housewives of Orange County, but this is all bogus, an insider says.

The spouses are wild, sexual freaks, however.

Eddie and Tamra Judge

Despite an ongoing storyline on the Bravo show about Tamra and Eddie Judge considering having a baby of their own, this was just for the cameras.

The soon-to-be-grandma, 46, “doesn’t want another baby, no way,” an insider said. “It’s all for a storyline for the show. It’s the last thing that she wants."

Tamra is fighting ex-husband Simon Barney in court for custody of their three minor children, while her adult son Ryan Vieth is expecting his first child.

That's more than enough for Mrs. Judge.

“Even if Tamra could have kids," says the source, "which she can’t, because she had her tubes tied several years ago, Eddie doesn’t want that responsibility.”

So not only do they not want a baby, they couldn't biologically even if they did. When Tamra pitched this storyline, sources say Eddie rolled his eyes:

"Eddie thought it was ridiculous that Tamra was even pretending to want a baby on camera, especially when she is about to be a grandmother!”

Barney has denied reports that their marriage is on the rocks, though she did admit on last night's episode that running their fitness center is stressful.

They have some solid means of stress relief, though, as we learned from a raunchy “truth or dare” game at a party hosted by co-star Heather Dubrow.

On the topic of anal sex, the blonde bombshell was asked if she was active in that kinky act, and Eddie shockingly revealed, “When she’s drunk.”

Dubrow’s husband Terry marveled, “No s--t! You guys do anal?!”

Judge then laughed, “Sometimes in the ear!”

Was Tamra offended by this? Hardly.

“A lady never talks about her freak factor, but since I’m not a lady, I would definitely say that mine’s off the charts,” Barney bragged to the cameras.

The more you know … and probably wish you didn't, but you will continue to watch The Real Housewives of Orange County anyway. It's like an addiction.

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