Sister Wives Season 5 Episode 7 Recap: The Grand RV Adventure

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The Brown family's epic RV adventure continued Sunday on Sister Wives Season 5 Episode 7, which saw the family finally reach its destination, Missouri.

There, for those unfamiliar with the Brown family goings on, awaited a Biblical polygamist family they traveled more than a thousand miles to meet.

Kody's wife Christine Brown (one of four wives, and perhaps the most grounded one), kept stressing about the family and whether or not they're weird.

It's a valid concern, Christine.

Her fears were assuaged, however, before too long, even though the Missouri family approach polygamy from a very different religious background.

Whether their lifestyle is rooted in their interpretation of the scripture or not, the bottom line is that both want to live together as a family of their liking.

Young Abigail, one of the little girls from the Missouri family, was the star of the episode as she won over a skeptical Christine from the very start.

In explaining how to find the eggs laid by chickens, she said it's easy to track them down as the hens tend to follow the the rooster from place to place.

Sounds like polygamy, no?

All kidding aside, Abigail talked about trying to keep the true nature of her family a secret, lest she be ridiculed or subject to even worse from others. 

A little girl with this kind of world view is hard to find, regardless of her upbringing. Christine noticed this too, and really appreciated what she had.