Sex Tape Reviews: Worse Than the Octomom Video!

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The Kim Kardashian sex tape, it is not.

Reviews are in for the Cameron Diaz-Jason Segel comedy Sex Tape... and very few critics are laughing.

Is this as much of a disaster as the Mimi Faust sex tape, which hasn't been received very well on the Internet? Prepare for some serious hatred and read reviews from a number of movie critics below...

Sex Tape Poster

The folks behind Sex Tape did their homework. They just forgot the laughs. - Steven Rea

Sex is treated first as brainless imperative, then as acrobatic duty, then as desperate consequence - it's never sexy in any way. - Tom Long

Making a sex tape would be a lot more fun. Maybe someone also forgot to erase this movie? - Gary Wolcott

Diaz and Segel stumble through the film as if no one wrote a script and they are the worst improvisational comics on the planet. - Willie Waffle

Its not unlike the porn videos that inspired it: with bad acting and a flimsy script it may temporarily satisfy but will soon be quickly forgotten. - Daniel M. Kimmel

Just lie back and think of funnier films. - Linda Barnard

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