Selena Gomez Boob Job Rumors: Are They Actually True This Time?!

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Selena Gomez's reported boob job has caused quite the online stir, and was even quote-unquote confirmed by a plastic surgeon, but is the "evidence" at all concrete?

Selena Gomez Figure

Earlier this week, Selena was spotted looking VERY curvy in a sheer black tank top, and braless, rekindling the speculation over her breast augmentation.

Speculation only fueled further by a purported Selena Gomez nip slip that showcased a more voluptuous looking figure than we're used to seeing on her.

Fans, observers and experts in the field immediately concluded that she MUST have had implants put in, though of course no doctor who has treated her said this.

Moreover, her rep denies that Selena underwent any such treatment.

Despite the recurring Selena Gomez boob job speculation - she's supposedly toyed with the idea as a means of keeping Justin Bieber - there's little proof.

Does that mean she's not flaunting her gorgeous, natural body harder than usual so that Justin and/or others will notice and discuss around the clock?

Of course not. That is 100 percent happening and you can bank on it.

Wearing tight-fitting tops and showing more skin is not akin to having surgery, though, and if you look closely - and we have! - we would argue she hasn't.

The surgeons can say whatever they want in interviews, and the win-Justin-back-with-big-boobs angle makes for great gossip, but it's flimsy at best.

Unlike Selena's assets, which are looking beautifully real and pert.

Are we right? You VOTE: Did Selena Gomez get a boob job?

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