Sarah Palin Calls For Impeachment of Barack Obama, Twitter Doubles Over in Laughter

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Former political figure Sarah Palin is calling for President Barack Obama to be impeached in an op-ed quickly seized upon by every wannabe comedian on Twitter.

Palin's scathing indictment on Breitbart, in which she likens Obama to an abusive husband and America to his battered wife, set the Internet ablaze.

Reactions on both sides then threw gasoline on it.

You Betcha
President Obama in Rome

In her view, it's Obama’s diabolical plan to have Mexicans take jobs from Americans, so as to strengthen his hold on power, and he should be ousted as a result.

While Sarah has plenty of fans who would love to see Obama out of office, an overwhelming majority of Tweets about her comments have been ... well ...

Given her choice of words, questionable grasp of facts and the fact that it's Sarah Palin, her condemnation of the "imperial" Obama sparked widespread ridicule:

Some choice reactions after the jump:

  • Danny Zuker (@DannyZuker): @SarahPalinUSA calling for Obama's impeachment. Gotta hand it to her. The woman never quits! I mean except for jobs she was elected to do.
  • Steve Amiri (@SteveAmiri): Sarah Palin thinks we should impeach Obama and in her defense she thinks "impeach" means to turn a person into a peach and that's adorable.
  • CJ Werleman (@cjwerleman): Sarah Palin says, "Impeach Obama." 85% of her followers think that word involves a rope and a tree.
  • Twitnter is Coming (@OhNoSheTwitnt): Sarah Palin can impeach a United States president from her backyard.
  • Daniel Aubry (@Aubs89): Oh please, Sarah Palin thinks impeach is a Snapple tea.
  • Scott Lundberg (@dslundberg): I think we should impeach @SarahPalinUSA ... oh wait, she quit and was rejected from elected office. #ShutUpSarah

This isn’t the only thing for which Palin has been in the news this week. She's been talked about as one of several possible replacements on The View.

For reals.

VOTE: Impeach Obama?

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