Robin Thicke and Paula Patton: It's REALLY Over!

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Robin Thicke and Paula Patton separated back in March, inspiring Thicke to pen countless musical tributes in an effort to save his marriage.

Many began to wonder if Thicke and Patton had faked their breakup, as the timing seemed suspiciously well-coordinated with the release of Thicke's latest studio album (titled, of course, Paula).

Now it seems there was nothing fraudulent about Robin's pain after all, as TMZ reports that Thicke has given up his reconciliation efforts and is now waiting for Patton to file for divorce.

Yes, though he's said to have admitted privately that his marriage will soon be over, Thicke refuses to be the one to officially end it. 

While attorneys are already working on a settlement to divide up the couple's financial assets, they're simply serving as mediators, and neither party has hired divorce attorney yet.

Robin flat out refuses to be the one to file for divorce, and Paula is said to be taking her time.

Maybe she's having second thoughts? Sure, Thicke is rumored to have cheated on Paula with dozens of women, but c'mon - he wrote a bunch of songs saying how totally sorry he is!

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