Pretty Little Liars Season 5 Episode 4 Recap: What Happened to Ali?

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Hello there, Andrew!!!

On Pretty Little Liars Season 5 Episode 4, Toby was temporarily unavailable. So with Spencer in need another pair of strong hands to help with her gardening, we got reacquainted with Andrew, the VERY HOT dude we met during that epic game of "strip studying" back when Spencer was all aboard the crazy train.

He came across a container of rat poison, which was suspicious because — wait a minute! - the family never had a rat infestation of any kind.

Spencer also discovered pills containing losartan in her dad’s medicine cabinet. That’s substance the coroner attributed to Mrs. D’s death. This has to mean her dad did it… right?

(Probably not on this show.)

Mona on PLL

Meanwhile, Aria punished herself again and again for killing Shana. She kept watching the funeral online.

Did she actually see Shana rise from the coffin? Is she going crazy? And why was the funeral online?!?

She wound up back at Ezra's apartment and, although she didn't stay the night, he did hand his ex her blanket and.... come on. These two will clearly be out of the Friend Zone shortly.

On the topic of exes… Emily spent a lot of time with Paige this week. They hung out during a lunch outing with creepy Sydney and again during a private meeting in Emily’s backyard.

Paige told Emily NOT to align herself with Emily and Emily told Alison to maybe start fresh in a new high school. But she wasn’t down with that plan.

Ali continued to make up stories about what happened when she was abducted. When a physician asked about a scar on her leg, she said that came about while she was blindfolded and she had no idea. Hmmm...

... you're not buying that excuse, are you?

When Hanna confronted Ali about the scar after the test, the latter said she wishes she’d been blindfolded when it happened.

Finally, Hanna returned to her stealing roots at the Rosewood Mall. Is this a sign of more bad things to come? We’ll find out next Tuesday, on Episode 100, when Caleb comes back.

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