Planes Nearly Collide on Barcelona Runway: See the Video

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Two large airplanes nearly collided on a runway in Barcelona's El Prat Airport this week, and the scary moment in Spain was caught on video.

Incredibly, tragedy was averted as one jet's crew aborted their landing in order to avoid crashing into a jet that appeared to be in its path on the runway:

According to reports, an AerolĂ­neas Argentinas Airbus 340 is seen crossing the runway as a UTair Boeing 767, en route from Moscow, is on approach.

The descending jet was able to pull back and return skyward, just in time.

The jet from Russia landed about 15 minutes later after it had circled around, following what was termed "a missed approach."

If the reports are true, that's putting it mildly. The Flight Safety Foundation's Aviation Safety Network spelled out the logistics of what happened as such:

"ADS-B data logged by suggest the A340 taxied along taxiway K, turning left on D. On taxiway D it crossed runway 02," the site reported.

"The flight then turned right onto taxiway M. It taxied all the way down M towards the holding point of runway 25R. However, the flight again had to cross runway 02."

"At the same time UTAir flight UT5187 from Moscow was on final approach for landing on runway 02. The crew initiated a go around and landed safely at 05:06."

Per the BBC, officials have said that at no time were passengers in danger. Wonder if they would draw that conclusion if they watched the above clip.