Nyjah Cousar, Girl Who Texted Dad Nude Photo, Seeking Reality Show

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Nyjah Cousar, the girl who accidentally sent her dad a nude photo and setting off an exchange that went viral, is trying to parlay this a reality show, naturally.

She says that since the nude picture and her father's irate reaction hit the web, Hollywood's been blowing up her phone and she's all ears.

Probably while naked or darn close.

Nyjah is reportedly set on capitalizing on the humiliation of her father with a reality show featuring her entire family (yes, daddy dearest included).

The college student says publicists and managers have reached out to her, and once she signs with one, they will pitch the show to MTV and BET execs.

Based on his reaction (and she posted on Instagram, obviously) to receiving Nyjah's nudie shot, one has to wonder how dad would feel about that ...

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