Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher Have "Non-Stop Sex," Says Source

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Last month, Mila Kunis talked about her "shredded vagina" fears in a remarkably candid interview with Marie Claire.

We figured that would be the last we'd hear about Mila's lady parts until after she delivered her baby. Oh, how wrong we were.

A source for Radar Online somehow has intimate knowledge of Mila and Ashton Kutcher's sex life and claims that the A-list couple is doin' it more than ever now that Mila is in her third trimester.

Mila and Her Man

"They have non-stop sex!" says the insider. "Mila is insatiable in bed and they cannot get enough of each other. Ashton thinks she is the sexiest woman he has ever met."

It's a far cry from the rumors that circulated earlier this month claiming that Ashton and Mila had delayed their wedding and were on the verge of breaking up.

In fact the source says that rumors of Ashton partying all night couldn't be further from the truth.

"They are both very health-conscious people," says the unidentified friend of the couple. "Being pregnant - Mila must be. And Ashton has really changed as well. He rarely ever drinks and they are both very against drugs."

So there you have it. Ashton and Mila are exactly the sort of boring couple that will probably go on to enjoy a happy marriage and provide a stable home fort their future children. Yawn!

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