Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Reunion: Cops Called After MASSIVE Brawl Erupts, Several Injured

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A massive brawl broke out during the contentious Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta Season 3 reunion show taping in New York last night, reports indicate.

The police were called and several cast members were injured.

Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta Cast Photo

The insane violence reportedly involved stars Benzino, Althea (Benzino's fiance), Stevie J and Joseline, Debra, Tammy Rivera, and Mimi Faust. 

It all started the previous night (Monday) when a nude pic of Benzino and Althea was randomly posted on Stevie J's Twitter page for some reason.

Fast forward to Tuesday and Benzino cracking a joke about Stevie J and Joseline doing drugs, after which people lost their freaking minds on the set.

Stevie J jumped up to charge Benzino, but security guards stopped him; Joseline got past them and struck Althea, though, and things escalated from there.

Fists flew, weaves were torn out and every other word will be bleeped out when VH1 finally airs this chaos, as security couldn't even HANDLE it.

UPDATE: See a video of the scuffle after the jump!

Every time the hired muscle quelled one altercation, another fight would flare up between other fired up cast members ... mostly the women.

At least one male security guard was hit in the face - by one of the females - and required treatment, along with at least three other people involved.

VH1 cameras were rolling during most of the violence, don't worry, and someone actually called 911 at one point, so that recording should be fun too.

As if you needed more reasons to watch Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta online ... this sounds more scandalous than the Mimi Faust sex tape, for crying out loud.

Incredibly, the reunion show isn't even over - it will resume filming today - but cast members will be kept in separate areas during filming this time.

There will be no more live audience, either, for their own safety.

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