Kenya Moore: Guns Are Great...If You're Sober!

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Kenya Moore has seen plenty of violence in her life.

After all, Kenya's fight with Porsha Williams on the Real Housewives of Atlanta reunion show is the stuff of reality TV legend.

But while Kenya certainly could've benefited from a sidearm in that situation, she's a firm believer that gun owner's rights should be limited:

Yes, Kenya cops to owning "several" guns of her own but she feels (justifiably) that guns and booze are a bad combination, and weapons should be kept out of Atlanta bars.

"It's pretty dangerous to mix alcohol with guns," Kenya tells TMZ when asked about her state's gun laws. "In Georgia you have the right to bear arms...but I can just see a whole bunch of rednecks in the bars."

Kenya claims she's a responsible gun owner and follows up her admission of a home arsenal by clarifying: "I have severalĀ guns and I know how to use them well."

Moore also says she recently applied for a permit to carry a gun in her car.

Probably a smart idea in her case.

Even if Kenya quits the Real Housewives of Atlanta, we're sure she'll still end up in plenty of feuds.

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