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Katy Perry’s green hair was one thing. But now, according to various blogs and comment boards, KP has simply gone to far by rocking some sort of weird green body-stocking thing while touring a Canadian “pioneer village” earlier this week.

Apparently, Katy was under the impression that being in a 19th Century-themed park north of the border meant she was free to toss on whatever freakish textile she’d been saving in her costume chest without being judged.

It’s not like she’s in LA! Surely no photos will end up on line, right?

Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom Premiere Pic

As you can see, Katy was sadly mistaken. And an army of mini-Joan Rivers, Fashion Police-in-training took to the Intrawebz to tell Katy just how appropriate that dunce cap really is. 


Surely, she shall rue the day she donned such a regrettable garment! Unless, of course, it catches on, then Lady Gaga will say Katy copied her again.

Frankly, we think everyone should ease up on Katy. Maybe the color isn’t ideal, and it’s kinda weird that it covers her entire body, but we encourage her to wear see-through clothes whenever the mood strikes her!

After all, he’s already rocked every other kind of revealing outfit. Gotta keep it fresh somehow: