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Kate Gosselin’s one-time nanny says the TLC star ordered her to spy on ex-husband Jon and report back with every possible detail about her former spouse.

According to a Radar report, Kate orders the help to keep tabs on Jon in her secret babysitter rule book, a manual that is jaw-dropping even by her standards.

In the handbook, Kate threatens that she will “freak out” if the nannies don’t perfectly conquer landscaping, cleaning, and even caring for her chicken flock.

Most importantly, though, they must eavesdrop during phone chats between her eight children and their dad, and report back to her with all the details.

“ALWAYS listen with one ear to hear what they are saying,” she writes. “You are always my eyes and ears and need to report everything you see and hear!!!”

In the rule book, Gosselin also demands nannies limit the number of calls her kids share with Jon, and if they do contact him, remain on HIGH ALERT.

In her book’s privacy section, Kate prohibits nannies from sharing a remote control for the Pennsylvania family home’s front gate with her ex-husband.

“Do not lend it to anyone, especially not Jon!” she warns.

The nanny says that Kate, who reportedly had kids just to be famous and called her children disabled to get free benefits, was obsessed with Jon.

“I had to email her all the details,” the babysitter says. “I had to keep a log of every time Jon returned the [shared] van to make sure he used the correct amount of gas!”

While the ex-caretaker calls Kate Gosselin “condescending” and “overwhelming,” she says that conversely, she actually enjoyed her limited time with Jon.

“He was really nice,” she says.